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Access to your home

  • Is your Permit placard posted?
  • Missed Inspections
  • What do I do if my Permit has expired?

Permits and Inspections are generally needed any time you are making structural changes to a building, adding an appliance, adding duct work or vent, adding gas or electric services / supplies, etc. Permits are your record, and your property’s record that installations have been done by a licensed, knowledgeable company and the homes property records are noted accordingly.

Inspections although sometimes bothersome, are your assurance that a trained, knowledgeable third party, (Typically an inspector from your local Municipality) is viewing your installation and signing off the job as;

  1. Complete,
  2. Correctly Installed, and most importantly
  3. Safe.

Access to your home may be needed when the scope of work carries into the interior of your home or building. Inspectors will not enter an occupied premise without the accompaniment of someone of adult age. Some Municipalities will make concessions to “Call ahead” or “Give a time frame” of when the Inspection might take place, but there is no guarantee of time frame as too many variables exist. Dogs can be a problem if the inspector has to enter your property and animals are not restrained. We do our very best when trying to accommodate our customers needs but always depend on the cooperation of others.

Please post your Permit placard (When received) in a conspicuous place where the Inspector will see it upon approach to your home or area of work. Placards that are not posted or cannot be seen can result in additional cost if a fine is assessed by the Inspector.

Missed Inspections can happen for a variety of reasons. Municipalities may at their discretion, cancel a inspection with little or no notice. This does not happen too frequently and typically is due to circumstances beyond their control. Not being home for the scheduled Inspection will result in rescheduling another inspection (If interior access is needed) and can possibly result in a fine as well.

Permits that have expired due to lack of activity can sometimes be reopened if they recently expired. Permits that have expired more than three months previous, generally will need to be re-purchased at an additional cost. Most permits have a life of at least six months, call or E-mail us from our Contact Form to verify your Municipality criteria.

To speak to someone concerning a permit or inspection issue call : 727-347-0202