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AC Maintenance Checklist


AC Maintenance Checklist AC Maintenance | HVAC (Heating ventilations and air conditioning) units, like their regular AC counterparts, also require periodic servicing and maintenance to ensure they remain working at their best. If you were to follow a checklist of maintenance items, your HVAC will have a greater chance of working without any major malfunctions [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of AC Service


Do’s and Don’ts of AC Service AC Service | The use of AC increases along with the increase in temperature. A well-maintained AC can help you get rid of dreadful electricity bills. The following is a helpful guide to the do’s and don’ts of AC service and maintenance. Do Install a Programmable Thermostat If you [...]

Air Conditioning Service | Choosing The Right Company


The Right Way to Choose an Air Conditioning Service Company Air Conditioning Service | Professional air conditioning service and maintenance can reduce your energy bill. However, it is important to choose an AC service contractor carefully. The following tips are helpful in selecting a reputed AC contractor company. Be Careful of Contractors Who Give their [...]

AC Service | AC Leaking Water?


AC Service | Is Your AC Leaking Water? AC Service | Air conditioner spewing water consistently? Unfortunately, we all face such days, and it seems that in those moments, our air conditioner simply ceases to cooperate. Where does the water come from? If you’ve ever listened to your air conditioner when it’s running, you will [...]

The Air Conditioner Mistakes to Avoid


The Air Conditioner Mistakes to Avoid Air Conditioner St. Petersburg | Air conditioners are undoubtedly one of the most expensive electronic devices in any home. And with that comes the responsibility of taking care of the equipment. However, it is often not well-maintained, leading to problems and untimely repairs. Some of the common air conditioner [...]