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AC Repair | How can I keep bugs from getting in through my HVAC system?

Your HVAC system is the equipment that makes sure everyone in the home is comfortable. Just like any electronic system in your home, pests can cause serious damages to the system. This is why it is imperative to take precautionary measures and take the issues to hand before they you need AC repair.

You can call an ac repair professional bug exterminator if you have bug problems in the HVAC system. Many steps are available to prevent ac repair in your cooling and heating systems.

Use Screens

The air vents that are located on the exterior parts of the home give way for bugs to enter your system. The use of mesh screens is one of the best ways to keep them out. An aluminum wire mesh is best for this purpose and to avoid ac repairs.

Keep the HVAC System Clean

Keeping all bugs out of the system is not easy. They always find their way inside. In the end, the air quality in your home will be lowered. Conduct regular ac repair maintenance to keep them clean. The air filter is the area you must focus on because it needs replacement every one to two months. 

Seal the Ducts

The ductwork is another area where bugs can enter the system. Even a loose seal or any crack gives them access to the system. You will keep the bugs out if you seal the ductwork properly. Moreover, your utility bill will also be lowered. All you need to seal the duct work is a mastic sealant and a foil tape.

Clear the Outdoor Unit Surrounding

The ac repair system should be surrounded by the slab that has no vegetation on the sides. If weeds, grass, or bushes grow around, cut them off.

Regular Pest Control Treatments

Getting the regular pest control treatments is the best way to keep bugs out of your HVAC system. It is recommended for homeowners to get monthly or quarterly treatments to avoid infestation and ac repair costs.