AC Repair St Petersburg, FL | Summer AC Tips

AC Repair St Petersburg, FL | Summer AC Tips

AC Repair St Petersburg, FLSummer AC Tips – how to keep cool without running up the bill

The summer season is when the temperatures rise, and more people spend time trying to stay cool indoors. The air conditioner is often in use throughout the day to keep the interior setting comfortable. When you want to keep cool without running up the bill, there are a few tips to follow.


Set the Thermostat

Setting the thermostat is key to avoid overusing the air conditioner at night or when you’re away from the home. You can also close off vents to rooms in the home that aren’t used to avoid cooling each part of the house. 78 degrees is an ideal temperature to ensure that the AC runs at its optimal performance level.


Perform an Inspection

Hire an ac repair professional to perform an inspection on the AC unit to identify any ac repair that is needed. Repairing the appliance can allow it to run more efficiently and will reduce the amount of energy that you use throughout the season.


Clean the Ducts

The air conditioner can begin to work overtime and use more energy when the ducts dust and grim accumulate in the ducts. Hire an ac repair professional to clean the ducts and check that there’s enough insulation in the building. Cleaning the ducts will also improve the air quality of the interior setting.


Turn the Lights Off

Many people unknowingly heat the inside of their home by leaving too many lights on during the day and night. Natural light from the outside can also heat the home and can cause you to rely more on your air conditioning, which will increase your bill each month. Close your windows each day and rely on blackout curtains to create a dimmer and cooler environment. Relying on ceiling fans to cool the home can also make you rely less on the AC.

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