AC Repair St. Petersburg | Blowing Hot Air

AC Repair St. Petersburg | Blowing Hot Air

Common Causes For Air Conditioners Blowing Hot Air

AC Repair St Petersburg, FL |Nothing is worse than living in Florida during the summer with an air conditioner that doesn’t work. The humidity is completely unbearable. It is so terrible that even if a person tries to cool off by showering, they come out the water just as sticky as when they went in to cool off. Sometimes an AC unit just needs some air conditioning maintenance from St. Petersburg, Fl to get that bad boy up and running. But other times, it needs to be replaced completely.


Causes for Blowing Warm Air

Before calling a repairman, check to see if the unit is on the wrong settings. Some people don’t realize that they left the fan setting on, or worse, the machine is set to heat instead of cool. Another thing to do is make sure the filter is clean, and if the unit has both and inside and outside component, sweep and clean debris around the AC system to make sure not to restrict air flow. Lastly, make sure that power is going correctly to the unit. Check circuit breakers and the emergency shutoff switch to insure the air conditioner is running properly.

If these things don’t work and the unit is still blowing warm air, it is time to call in a professional.


Deciding to Replace or Fix

When the problem with the air conditioner can’t be fixed quickly, then it is time to think about some options. Calling for AC repair in St. Petersburg, Fl might be the best option. At least getting a professional to come out and inspect the unit will help if the air conditioner can be fixed. If that option fails, it is time to start shopping around for a new way to cool the home that fits a person’s budget. Going without AC in Florida is not an option.

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