Do’s and Don’ts of AC Service

Do’s and Don’ts of AC Service

Do’s and Don’ts of AC Service

AC Service | The use of AC increases along with the increase in temperature. A well-maintained AC can help you get rid of dreadful electricity bills. The following is a helpful guide to the do’s and don’ts of AC service and maintenance.

Do Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you want to reduce your electricity bills by at least 10% then adjust your thermostat to 7°–10°F for at least eight hours of the day. The programmable thermostat adjusts itself when the rooms reach the selected temperature. It helps to reduce the electricity bills up to 10% a year.

Do Clean the Coils

The most important part of AC service is cleaning the coils. When carbon collects on the coil, it not only changes the color of the coil it also increases your bills up to 25%. A dirty coil is also dangerous for the life of your AC unit. Change the coils using a professional AC service if they become rusted.

Don’t Ignore Maintenance When the Season Changes

The use of AC units changes according to different seasons. The use of ACs reaches its peak during summer and spring. Do not ignore the maintenance of AC even if it is operating fine. Make sure to cover the AC to avoid dust, dirt, and environmental pollutants when the AC unit is not in use.

Don’t Forget Professional Lubrication

AC is included among complex electrical machines. The AC service requires proper lubrication of coils, orifice tube, and refrigerant tubes to avoid clogging and blockage. The performance of your AC decreases by several folds if the coils and tubes are clogged.

Most of the AC junk like metallic debris collects in the compressor. Proper cleaning and regular maintenance can increase the life of your AC unit.

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