AC Service | AC Leaking Water?

AC Service | AC Leaking Water?

AC Service | Is Your AC Leaking Water?

AC Service | Air conditioner spewing water consistently? Unfortunately, we all face such days, and it seems that in those moments, our air conditioner simply ceases to cooperate.

Where does the water come from?

If you’ve ever listened to your air conditioner when it’s running, you will hear a sound of dripping water. This is the water that is being condensed along the evaporator coil. This function is normal in any cooling system because it is due to a cool refrigerant which is absorbing your room’s thermal energy in the coil.

This water, when collected, goes straight from the coil down to a condensation pan. From here, a pump draws all the water away from the AC unit.

Why an air conditioner leaks water?

The reason why an air conditioner may start to leak water is the condensation pan—also called the drain. Normally, water leakage starts when there is some sort of a leak or damage to this pan. This also might be happening because it has cracked, or there has been a breakage inside due to corrosion.

This damage automatically suggests that the outlet for water storage is no longer functioning as it should and therefore, it allows water to drip out of the AC.

Your pan or drain might also become clogged, just like a normal drain does at times—causing the drain to overflow as well.

What should you do in such cases?

If your AC unit is giving you trouble, don’t ignore it as it is not a minor issue. Additionally, you should also avoid doing DIY repairs in this scenario. In such cases, even if you insist on fixing the leakage yourself, it might get fixed temporarily, but will always come back sooner or later.

If you need assistance in AC repair, maintenance or installation, feel free to call Air Quality Control.

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