AC Repair | Improve the Efficiency of Your AC

AC Repair | Improve the Efficiency of Your AC

AC Repair | Learning how to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning systems will help you in saving money on costly AC repairs, as well as on energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, USA, heating and cooling are the greatest energy expenses in most households. Therefore, it is essential to enhance the performance of the cooling units so that you may keep your expenses in control. Here are some tips that will help you in enhancing the performance and efficiency of the air conditioners:

1.    Clean the Air Filters and the Supply Vents

If the supply vents are not clean, the cooling unit has to work harder; consequently, you end up paying greater sums in energy bills. Also do not block the supply vents, or else the pressure inside the system will increase, causing the system to break down. You may have to spend money on unexpected AC repairs. The air filters should not be clogged, and they should be cleaned regularly. If the manufacturer recommends replacing the filters within a certain duration, it is important that the deadline to change the filters is followed carefully. Typically, the filters ought to be cleaned every month.

2.    Place the Outdoor Heat Pump in Shade

Placing the external heat pump in the shade also helps to save energy significantly and improve the efficiency of the cooling unit. However, just take precautions that the nearby bushes and plans are a few inches away from the outdoor condenser unit.

3.    Keep the Condenser Unit Clean

Dust, debris, twigs, and other outdoor junk nestle around the coils of the AC condenser coils. If you want to increase the performance of the AC, it is imperative that you clean the condenser unit. The power to the air conditioner should be completely turned off before the unit is cleaned. AC repair and air conditioning service should be contacted twice every month to get the coils cleaned if you cannot manage it on your own. Air Quality Control provides high quality air conditioning and AC repair services.

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