Air Quality | AC Installation: A Task For Professional Electricians

 Air Quality | AC Installation: A Task For Professional Electricians



Air Quality | Installing a split unit ac is a highly technical task that requires a lot of expertise and as such should be trusted only to highly experienced and properly trained professionals who will make sure that your ac performs well year after year. AC Installation in either the home or office is not something that should be attempted by anyone who does not have the relevant knowledge as well as experience unless you are a qualified electrician skilled at doing the job at hand.

However, now that the decision to install an air conditioning unit in your home has been made, you would have to call in the experts could decide why both the indoor and outdoor units should be placed as well as other ancillary issues such as insulation, electrical wiring etc.

Installation Of Indoor Unit

When deciding on a location, it is always a good idea to place the indoor unit either well above a window or on a wall facing the window so that sunlight does not get the chance to warm the air before it starts cooling the room.

First, the mounting plate is secured on the wall and then a hole is drilled close to it. This is done to provide a means of egress the insulation pipes so they are able to reach and be securely connected to the out door unit.

Installation Of Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit should have at least a foot of clearance from the ground for optimal performance and should be in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. Finally, all wires, pipes, and ducts should be securely connected and double checked.

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