AC Repair | HVAC Maintenance Checklist

AC Repair | HVAC Maintenance Checklist


AC Repair | HVAC (Heating ventilations and air conditioning) units, like their regular AC counterparts, also require periodic servicing and maintenance to ensure that they remain working at their best. If you were to follow a checklist of maintenance items, your HVAC might work well without any major malfunctions for many years to come.

Try and use the best quality filter available in the market

Acquiring a new high-efficiency pleated filter may seem like an expensive proposition at first. However, 

these new filters are the latest in cutting edge technology and are equipped with electrostatic energy that effectively sucks in the smallest grains of dust that may cause allergies and infections.

Replace the filter every three months

Filters get chocked easily. After all that is what they have been designed to do. Make sure you replace them at least once every three months. However, it would be prudent to check them every four weeks to see if they are dirtier than usual.

Ground clearance

The outdoor AC unit as well as heat pumps should have at least 24 inches of ground clearance for them to function properly. This is why the area around these units should be periodically swept clean and all dirt, leaves and other debris should be removed. Make sure that this is done after every storm.

Ducting and insulation

Closely examine all ducts, refrigerant gas pipes as well as insulation lines. Pay special care to power lines since a frayed power line is a critical hazard. Should any of them be damaged or exposed, call the professionals immediately. As with AC service, this should be done at least once every six weeks for HVAC units as well.

Carbon monoxide detection

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the ‘silent’ killer. And with good reason too, since this deadly gas is colorless and odorless, in a sealed room can prove to be deadly. Check and double check the batteries of your carbon monoxide detector at least twice per annum. In fact it would be a good idea to get an expert to check the unit for you to ensure that it is fully functional. However, the same can be easily done by a professional HVAC maintenance and service providers quickly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that your apparatus is fully functional.

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