AC Repair | 5 Common Problems With AC's

AC Repair | 5 Common Problems With AC’s


AC Repair |  Can you live through the summer with an air conditioning system that does not work properly?

Surely not!

To make sure your cooling system is running, you need to make regular checks for AC repairs. If you find any problem, then you should fix immediately, and ensure you have an efficient AC that keeps you cool throughout the summer.

Here are some common problems that most people face about air conditioning systems:

Common Issues With ACs

There are some cases that you can easily take care of yourself, but in you need to hire AC repair services. common issues along with their solutions.

1. Refrigerant Leaking

The refrigerant of your air conditioner has the job of absorbing and releasing heat. When you buy a new AC, you get a specific level of refrigerant with it which is the optimal amount required for heat transfer. In the case of leakage, improper cooling occurs, and internal damage can occur.

What You Can Do About It:

If you notice any leaks, immediately call your preferred AC repair services. You need to add refrigerant to the level specified by the manufacturer, so just adding refrigerant does not solve the problem. A professional will add the exact amount needed, and will patch up the leak for you.

2. Faulty Wiring

Bad wiring is dangerous and can drastically decrease the efficiency of an air conditioning system. This is because it prevents the AC from getting power, and the system has to work harder to get the power it needs before it provides cooling.

What You Can Do About It:

Make sure that your wiring is certified, and regularly check for any faults in the wiring. If you do notice any loose connections, tighten them up.

3. Drainage Issues

Sometimes, the water from your cooling system may start dripping, instead of being drained properly, creating a mess on your carpet or floor. This problem generally occurs due to clogging.

What You Can Do About It:

In humid weather, clogging occurs frequently, so you need to check the drain and unclog it to ensure that the water drains properly.

4. Blocked Condenser

A blocked condenser does not provide uniform cooling, and the excessive strain on the system may cause internal damage to the AC.

What You Can Do About It:

Ensure that the condenser of your air conditioner is not blocked by any vegetation, and that there is ample space around it for air to flow properly.

5. Frozen Evaporator Coil

Improper flow of air can result in the freezing of your evaporator coil. This can be caused by:

Dirty air filter

Dirty evaporator

Low refrigerant

Failed blower motor

Blocked air return grill

What You Can Do About It:

You can prevent this from happening by cleaning and replacing your air filters regularly, as dirty air filters are the most common cause of a frozen evaporator coil.

If your evaporator coil freezes, you should NOT attempt to open it up. Simply call your AC repair services and they will open the thawed system, and fix what needs to be fixed.


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