AC Repair | Signs Which Show That You Need AC Repair Services

AC Repair | Signs Which Show That You Need AC Repair Services

AC Repair | Signs Which Show That You Need AC Repair Services

AC Repair | Although we are almost at the end of the air conditioner season in most areas, you never know how unpredictable the weather may be.

If your air conditioner is suffering from problems, it’s about time you schedule an AC repair, that too, from a well-reputed air conditioner service provider.

Here are some signs that you must watch out for.

Weird Sounds Coming From the AC

This might be the most obvious sign of them all—your AC is asking for a repair if it’s making strange noises repeatedly. You shouldn’t take any rattling, buffering or buzzing noise for granted. If an AC is making any sort of loud sounds, never consider it normal. Ignoring these noises will make things worse long run.

For instance, a hissing noise means that you are going to be facing leaking ducts. A buzzing, which means there might be an electrical issue, is more dangerous as it puts your house and AC unit at a major risk. Banging noises, on the other hand, mean that a component of your AC misplaced and hence, your system also fail if you do no opt for AC repair immediately.

cooling power

If your AC has not been giving you the cooling it used to give, it’s definitely time to call for air conditioner repair services. The decrease in functionality may be because your unit is malfunctioning, and is probably no longer transferring the heated air from the inside to the outdoors. This is a sign which shows that your AC will soon start blowing warm air only.

High air conditioning bills

If you are receiving bills that are higher than average, it means your AC unit is not efficient. If one part of the unit is not working normally, other parts compensate to keep your room cool—this often means you will be paying high energy bills.

If you’re facing problems, like those explained above, don’t wait to call Air Quality Control in order to get immediate AC repair service at your doorstep.

Air Quality control operates 24 hours a day, always ready to assist you with any cooling needs you may have. We are a family owned AC Repair Service company and offer a Comprehensive AC Repair Service in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas!


For more information and tips contact your trusted AC repair company – Air Quality Control at 727-469-3832