AC Service | The Pros of Annual Air Conditioning Service

AC Service | The Pros of Annual Air Conditioning Service

AC Service | The Pros of Annual Air Conditioning Service

AC Service |  Air conditioners at our homes help regulate the temperature inside the rooms at comfortable set thermostat levels, eliminate humidity in the home and filter the impure air out. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the homeowners to get a professional annual air conditioning service so that the cooling units can continue to serve you properly for years to come. Here are some of the benefits of annual air condition service

Cleaner System

Annual air condition service will help in making the cooling system become cleaner and efficient. The air conditioning technician will perform servic on the following:

De-clogging the air filters, condenser, evaporator coils, and clean the ductwork. Unclean coils and ductwork degrade the efficiency of the system.

Clean the parts of the blower to maintain the proper airflow.

Keep a check on the fins at the outdoor unit to ensure that nothing limits the performance of the cooling unit.

Elongate the Life Span of the Cooling Unit

Proper air conditioning servic yearly will make the system run smoothly throughout its life span. Adequate maintenance helps in making the air conditioners run smoothly for years to come. Servicing will also help in protecting the warranty of the air conditioner and with proper maintenance records you may even claim it, if anything goes wrong during this phase.

Fix Small Issues

Early maintenance when the weather is still cool, during the spring, benefit in catching minute problems within the air conditioning system before the situation exacerbates. Besides, the proactive servicing action plan is best for getting the HVAC system ready for the warm summer days. Fixing minor issues earlier will prevent a debilitating AC repair later on. If you reside in areas near St. Petersburg, you may acquire the leading services of Air Quality Control AC repair and air conditioning services.

Air Quality control operates 24 hours a day, always ready to assist you with any cooling needs you may have. We are a family owned AC Repair Service company and offer a Comprehensive AC Service in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas!