AC Service | Extraordinaire Case Files: AC that Didn’t Blow Air

AC Service | Extraordinaire Case Files: AC that Didn’t Blow Air

AC Service | Extraordinaire Case Files: AC that Didn’t Blow Air


AC Service |  The right air conditioning service could mean that you never have to experience an AC that switches on but won’t blow air! If you do face this problem, then one of the reasons why this might be happening is that the belt that connects your air handler’s motor and blower is broken. That means you will have to replace it.

Here’s how to do that in simple, easy steps:

Make sure that your air-conditioning is turned off.

Then, get to the AC’s blower by removing the door on the front of the air-handler cabinet.

Next, note down the number given on the belt. You will need if you are to replace the belt.

Once you have the replacement, fit it onto the motor pulley.

Your next step should be rotating the blower pulley while holding the belt in place.

Once the belt is in place, lubricate the blower. If the belt seems too tough, adjust the motor mount until there is slack. Re-tighten once the belt is in place.

Start the AC up to check if the belt is placed the right way. If the blower starts humming but does not work, it means the blower motor needs replacing too.

If the blower doesn’t start at all, then check if it is receiving power. For that, you might also have to check all switches and circuit breakers associated with the blower.

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