AC Repair | Extraordinaire Case Files: AC that Didn’t Cool

AC Repair | Extraordinaire Case Files: AC that Didn’t Cool

AC Repair | Extraordinaire Case Files: AC that Didn’t Cool


AC Repair |  We buy air conditioners so that they will help us stay cool. After a particularly stressful day at work, all we can think of us is going home and relaxing. Good air conditioning is a crucial part of that relaxation, especially if you happen to live in sunny St. Petersburg!

An AC that does not cool could have happened due to different reasons. If you cannot get a hold of a good AC service firm, then you might have to do some investigating yourself. The first thing that you need to do is ensure that the airflow is not due to a blockage in the system. That would mean that you would have to check the compressor, the air filters, and the registers.

The next step is to check the indoor air handler. If you were a part of the AC installation, then you will know how to do that. If not, here is how to do it:

As any AC repair person would tell you, first, check that the AC is powered off before you do anything else.

Your next step should be to access the filter via the air handler door. Take the filter, clean or replace it, and put it back in.

One of the telltale signs of the absence of cooling is ice and that is what you should be looking for around the coils.

If you do find ice, close the unit back up. Next, power the AC up and turn the fan on to allow the ice to melt.

Lastly, clear the condensate drain to remove any algae blockage from that pipe.

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