AC Repair | 5 Problems to Fix Today

AC Repair | 5 Problems to Fix Today

ac repair

AC Repair | 5 Problems to Fix Today


AC Repair |  Air conditioning unit plays a very important role in a house or office. It ensure that your house has optimal temperature that is suitable for every person living in the house. However just like any other machine, air conditioning units are bound to experience problems that may force you to call an expert to fix it. In this article, we are going to focus on some of the ac repairs that your air conditioning unit is likely to experience

  1. Drain lines.

This is a very common ac repair that many people usually report. Clogged drains is usually caused by dirt, algae and debris that find their way to the drain thus blocking it. If this problem is not fixed on time, it will cause water to leak to point where it causes water damage.

  1. Clogged filters

The filter of your air conditioning unit can get clogged due to dirt. This can really affect its performance because it will affect free flow of air. A clogged filter need to be changed right away so as to improve the efficiently of your air conditioning unit.

  1. Strained Compressor

Compressor is actually the heart of an air conditioning unit. When an air conditioning unit is undercharged with refrigerant, it will run hot and eventually stop working. On the other hand, if it is overcharged, liquid will get back to the compressor causing liquid slug. To prevent damage of the compressor, it is very important to ensure that the air conditioning unit has the right amount of refrigerant otherwise you may be in for an ac repair.

  1. Damaged thermostat

A thermostat is the devices that gives instructions to the air conditioning unit. Damaged thermostat can really affect the performance of the air conditioning unit and need to be fixed immediately.

  1. Refrigerant leak

This is also a very common ac repair and it usually happens when the unit vibrates when operating. Refrigerant that leaks on the evaporator coils or the condenser cannot be fixed but if the leak is from other places, a technician can fix the problem.



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