AC Service | Common AC Repair Problems Every Owner Should Know

AC Service | Common AC Repair Problems Every Owner Should Know

AC Service |  Your AC unit can only serve you for many years, if you perform regular repairs and maintenance. In addition, performing this routine can help you to avoid huge costs that usually go toward replacing a new unit. However, proper knowledge on common air conditioning problems is required for you to be able to conduct timely repairs and maintenance.

Here is list of common issues that can plague your AC

Electric Control Failure

Electrical controls and connections of your air conditioning can malfunction because of a number of reasons. For instance, if your unit is turned on and off frequently, then this can lead to your unit malfunctioning because of friction inside. Another common issue that causes electric control failures in most AC units is when the compressor gets damaged. An experienced AC professional can fix such issues, while at the same time providing you with handy preventative measures to avoid such problems in the future.

Dirt Accumulation

Allowing dirt to accumulate on your unit can cause your AC compressors to stop working. It’s therefore recommended that homeowners clean their AC units regularly to avoid dirt accumulation.

Refrigerant Leaks
Low levels of refrigerants in your AC indicate can indicate that your AC could be leaking or was undercharged. If it was undercharged, then you can get around the problem by adding more refrigerants. On the other hand, leaks can only be fixed by trained technicians, because adding more refrigerants won’t be fix the problem.

Drainage problems
Humidity is a major cause of drainage problems in many air conditioning units. You can fix such a problem by ensuring that the condensate drain isn’t clogged.

Ultimately, knowing the major problems that cause an AC unit not to perform optimally is critical. You’ll be able to fix minor issues and contact trained AC repair experts quickly, when problems are a bit technical. Additionally, that knowledge helps you save huge replacement costs.