AC Repair | It's An Intervention

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AC Repair | It’s An Intervention

AC Repair | The value of ac repair companies in the modern world can’t be taken lightly. In fact, many people can’t imagine life without an air conditioner or cooling system. However, similar to any device, the air-con is prone to wear& tear or may fail without prior warning. The following are some situations that need to be addresses by an ac company:

Non-Functioning AC

An air conditioner that stops working needs to be examined by an expert as soon as possible. The problem may be a simple one like a loose connection or a blown fuse, or a complex one such as failure in its internal mechanism. People are advised not to attempt to repair the unit by themselves as it may worsen the problem or void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Poor or Erratic Operation

Erratic or poor operation is also another reason for calling an ac repair firm. The unit may start emitting strange noises, produces warm rather than cold air, or takes time to start functioning. It may also work intermittently leading to a non-conducive environment. By relying on their experience and state-of-the-art tools, the repairers are able to diagnose and offer solutions.

Emergency Repair

Power failure or disruptions, an accident, water entering the unit or short-circuiting are some of the situations that call for emergency repair. Leading firms have a mobile unit which is reachable around the clock, 24/7. They will arrive in record time anytime of the day or night to urgently deal with the problem.






Air Quality control operates 24 hours a day, always ready to assist you with any cooling needs you may have. We are a family owned AC Repair Service company and offer a Comprehensive AC Repair Service in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas!


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