AC Repair | 5 Common AC Problems

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AC Repair | 5 Common AC Problems

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One is left disappointed when an Air conditioner malfunctions on a sunny season. The hot temperatures can even force the person out of his/her home. To prevent such a bad moment, one should know the common issues that makes an AC to malfunction and from there, prevention can be established

The following are the 5 common issues that could slow the normal functioning of the Air conditioner. These issues are commonly caused by poor servicing, faulty installations and lack of adequate maintenance. Air Quality Control is a company that offers professional Air conditioning services in and around Florida. They can help anyone in maintain his/her system properly for the prevention of these problems.

1. Inadequate refrigerant
In most cases, the reduction of the refrigerant (Freon) results from leakages. The leakages should be traced and repaired immediately before refilling.

2. Frozen coil
The freezing of the indoor coils normally results from a limited airflow. Dirt in the air filters and ductwork return air obstruction causes the disturbance of the airflow. This results to the malfunction of an air conditioner.

3. Sensor problems
Behind the air conditioner’s control panel, a sensor is featured. Its work is to measure air temperature before it gets to the evaporative coil. The sensor should always be positioned near the evaporative coil and not touching it. If it is forced out of the position, the AC would not function correctly and the sensor should be returned to its position.

4. Failure of control
Worn out parts, e.g. fan controls and compressors, of an AC enhances uncontrolled flow of electric signals. The exhausted parts should be noticed and changed during service to prevent undesired performance of the system.

5. Insufficient drainage
The condensate drain should always be clean and free. On a wet season, always ensure that the drain is left clean. Improper installation of the drain may also lead to insufficient drainage and that is why one should look for professional Air Conditioner servicing only.

Any AC needs to be installed, maintained and repaired by experts for its good health. Air Quality Control have an ever ready team of experts that can ensure that the AC stays in its best shape ever. They can be contacted online for any help.

Air Quality control operates 24 hours a day, always ready to assist you with any cooling needs you may have. We are a family owned AC Repair Service company and offer a Comprehensive AC Repair Service in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas!


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