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AC Service |  Tip 7. Is it necessary to have air conditioner maintained regularly?
A. Absolutely! Annual maintenance on your air conditioner can mean big savings on your cooling bills. Some studies have shown that proper annual maintenance can save you up to 30% on your energy bills. A well maintained unit will also last longer and break down less, saving you more money in the long run.

Tip 8. Tips to choose AC Service company to perform the tune-up

A. Can the contractor service your entire system? Having one contractor for your heating and a one for your cooling system leads to confusion.

Make sure you get a written checklist of the work performed. A comprehensive tune-up should take an hour to perform, anything less and you may not be getting value for your money.

Ensure that your contractor is licensed to work with refrigerants. Most states and provinces now require that technicians take special refrigerant training.

In addition to professionally performed annual maintenance you also play an important part in keeping your system operating efficiently by making sure your furnace air filter is kept very clean. A dirty filter will affect the efficiency of a central air conditioning system much quicker than a furnace.

Tip 9. Why bother with a yearly Preventative Maintenance Service?
A. Yearly preventative maintenance is a wise thing to do. Properly maintaining your system will save you money on your energy bills and will help your system perform at peak efficiency. A properly maintained system also lasts longer which is important due to the expense of replacement.

During a preventive maintenance, certain parts that can cause trouble when dirty, are cleaned to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. A maintenance ac service also includes inspection of your system so problems can be discovered before serious damage occurs and you find yourself without air conditioning in the middle of summer or winter when you need it the most.

Tip 10. There’s water spilling out of my inside unit, what can I do about this?
A. If you do not see ice build-up on the larger copper tubing (covered with a black, sponge insulation) when you run your system, then you probably have a clogged drain line. A clogged drain line is usually caused by algae build-up inside the drain line. And yes, there is something you can do to prevent this condition. Algae is a living plant and will grow in your drain line until it clogs the line. The air handler provides a cool, damp environment for development of molds and mildew and if left untreated these growths can spread into your ductwork. If only moderate to light buildup is present then there are chemical disinfectants specifically designed for use in air handlers that will kill the existing mold and mildew and control new growth. These disinfectants are safe and very effective and are applied by simply spraying into the filter intake and by placing “Algae Strips” directly in the drain pan. If the coil has mold or mildew present then it also should be treated. Make sure that the face of the cooling or evaporator coil is clean so that air can pass through freely.

Tip 11. The System will not run at all, what do you think?
A. The most common reason that a system will not run is because of a loss of power. In almost every situation an air conditioning system is protected electrically by a breaker or fuse which is located somewhere in the power supply lines upstream from both the air handler and condenser units. This breaker is designed to provide over current protection and prevent electrical damage to your equipment. Find this breaker, turn it completely “off” even if it appears to be “off”, then turn it back on again.

If it trips again, leave it alone and call your contractor. The second most common reason for a system not to respond when called for, is problems in the low voltage (24v) control circuit. This circuit is comprised of the controllers and relays that send signals to the components in your system to perform specific functions like cooling and fan only. The most common problems are found in the DRAIN PAN FLOAT SWITCH, thermostat connections and with failure of the transformer.


Remember – these are just rough guidelines and not all possible situations are covered. When in doubt, call a certified, qualified air conditioning service technician.



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