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AC Repair |  Turn The Heat Up

AC Repair | Many people wonder if keeping the house cool in the summer can be done in some way that saves electricity. The general answer is no. Every single second that the air conditioner is on requires hard work and electricity, and the cooler you keep the house, the more that air conditioner has to work.

There are many things that can be done to get more efficiency out of an air conditioner and keep the house cooler in general. There are even ways to use the natural climate and the changes in the air from morning to night to take the weight off of the air conditioner. But if your air conditioning system is running, then you are paying for it. The same goes for your refrigerator, your freezer, and anything else that you use to keep the house cool. Though we experience air conditioning as cold air pouring from a vent, the realities of AC duct instillation are much more complex. It is all about thermal transfer, and it requires energy to move the heat from inside a house to outside a house.

There are two major ways to maintain a low temperature without a high electricity bill. They are insulation and design. The way in which a house’s air flow is maintained can have enormous effect on the energy expenditure required to keep it cool. AC duct instillation can take advantage of the natural warm and cool spots in a house, keeping a comfortably low temperature in the rooms where people congregate the most for the absolute minimum utility cost.

One other answer is to maintain proper insulation of the house. Hot air and cold air have very little thermal mass, and they exchange quickly when given the opportunity. Open doors and open windows make an enormous difference, as do leaks in installations and improperly insulated areas. Insulate your home properly and thoroughly to keep the bills as low as the temperature all year long.





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