Air Quality | History Lessons Pt. 1

Air Quality | History Lessons Pt. 1

air quality

Air Quality | History Lessons Pt. 1

Air Quality | The first air conditioning probably occurred when a caveman fell off a cliff, but here is a more technical response to who first discovered how to keep cool artificially.

In some ways air conditioning was discovered the day that mankind first began to suffer from the effects of heat and humidity. The desire to maintain cool and fresh air has been inside us from the earliest times. In the very beginning, it was not totally for comfort. In hot and humid air, the human body loses excessive amounts of necessary water. The ability to replace the lost moisture was a matter of life and death. The ancient civilizations developed some rudimentary air conditioning systems. The Egyptians ran cool water through the walls of some of their homes. Another method was the placing of a cistern filled with water in the path of incoming ventilation. These systems were the first attempts at air conditioning for the sake of comfort, and were available to only the very rich.

So who invented the air conditioning? The birth of modern air conditioning took place in 1902. A young electrical engineer named Willis Haviland Carrier was working for a company called Buffalo Forge. He had been attempting to solve a problem at the Brooklyn Printing Company. The problem was that the heat and humidity in the printing room kept causing changes in the size of the paper. This made color precision printing impossible. Carrier realized that the solution to the problem was control of temperature and humidity in the printing area.


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