Air Quality | Ask Yourself THIS Before Replacing

Air quality

Air Quality | Ask Yourself THIS Before Replacing

Air Quality |  When replacing your air conditioning unit, it’s best to ask these particular questions to be sure the job’s done right.

  • Are there other things that need done to my home to accommodate installation?
  • The air conditioner itself is just one piece of the cooling system — other components include your duct work, thermostat, and air handler, amongst others. Replacement or repairs to these components may be necessary to accommodate the installation of your new air conditioner and facilitate efficient operation. Your new high-efficiency air conditioner won’t offer the savings you expect if your conditioned air is leaking out the duct system! Have your contractor evaluate all the components of your cooling system to see if other work is needed
  • What do SEER ratings mean?SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the ration, the greater efficiency of the system. All air conditioners must be at least 13 SEER, but SEER ratings go all the way up to 23. If you decide to go with a heat pump, you’ll be looking at HSPF ratings (Heating and Seasonal Performance Factor). These equipment efficiency ratings will have a great impact on the energy use and operating costs of your new unit, and your contractor can help you estimate your monthly or annual costs associated with the new unit. Higher efficiency units typically cost more to purchase, but their savings can result in quick payback periods.

    What’s the warranty term and what does it include?

    Manufacturers’ warranties cover various parts for a specific period of time. Make sure you know what is covered on your new unit and how long the warranty lasts so you can have qualifying work performed under the warranty if needed, rather than paying out of pocket. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties for purchase, and your contractor can help you out if you wish to extend the warranty term.
    Quality HVAC contractors will also offer a warranty for their labor, so be sure to ask what is covered by their warranty and how long the warranty term lasts. – HVAC

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