AC Service | Protect Condenser From Pets

AC Service | Protect Condenser From Pets

AC Service | Protect Condenser From Pets

AC Service | Dogs and cats are often as much a part of the family as anybody else, and whether you’re walking your dog downtown or getting their check-ups at the vet, we know they’re near and dear to your heart. It might be a surprise, however, to learn that pets and HVAC are not unrelated—which is why we’re going to discuss a few pet-focused HVAC topics today that you may not have thought of.


Most homeowners with air-conditioning have their condenser—that’s the outdoor AC —unit in the back or side yard. Not too many think about the implications of that when it comes to their dog who, over the course of his or her furry lifetime, probably pees or marks on just about everything in the yard more than once. That’s normal dog behavior, and there’s no harm in it if they can’t get to your condenser. But if you notice Fido lifting his leg near your outdoor AC unit, it might be time to train him out of it. We’re big fans of positive reinforcement early on, but there are a number of great ways to stop the dog from using the condenser as a bathroom. Although we do install condenser covers, they will not protect against damage caused by dog urine.

It does sound silly—after all, the condenser is outdoors, right? It’s surely designed for rugged conditions! But there are chemicals in dog urine that you don’t regularly encounter in nature and certainly not in ordinary rain and other kinds of moisture. If your condenser appears to be falling apart, has bubbling paint, or has “crumbling” fins, it could be connected to your dog. And then you could be looking at condenser replacement sooner rather than later.


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