AC Service | Keep It Clean

AC Service | Keep It Clean

AC Service | Keep It Clean

AC Service | Keeping your air conditioner clean — especially in the environment of St Petersburg, is of utmost importance in order to keep it running efficiently. Especially now that it’s monsoon season, more-than-usual dirt and debris will be blowing right into your cooling system due to all the storms and winds, making it very unhappy indeed. Think about it: if you got dirt and dust into your eyes, you’d be pretty grumpy too. All that dirt buildup into your A/C system can cause it to malfunction, or at the very least become very inefficient.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your cooling system a few times each season will go a long way towards saving you money and keeping you cooler. Here are some easy ways to maintain your unit:

1. Change the filters regularly, at least twice a season. This is especially so when the winds kick up dirt that can easily get into the motor of your unit.

2. Go through a checklist of tune-ups at the beginning of each season to ensure it’s working properly. You can check for leaks, replace belts that are cracked or torn, lubricate motorized parts, and test out the thermostat.

3. Brush the coils and clean the condenser. In addition, remove dust that has built up on the fan blades, clean the drain, remove any clogs, and put in new insulation if needed to keep the tubes cool.

If you’re hearing odd sounds coming from your air conditioner, please call Air Quality Control. Our technicians are the best in the business and we’ll help you turn your troubled cooling system into a happy one.



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