AC Service | Go Green

AC Service | Go Green

AC Service | While most of us were raised in a climate of unlimited resources and expansive horizons, the world is changing fast and the focus is narrowing in on the color green.  Energy costs and depleted supplies force us to consider alternatives to how we lived 20 and 30 years ago.

This transformation of thinking is most prevalent in our homes.  Not only are the habits of our lifestyles under consideration, but the very structure of our homes as well.  From materials to furnishings, houses are being transformed.

Remodel versus New Construction

The amount of open land available for development is no longer seen as just so many more fields plowed under.  It has become clear that not everyone can have their castle and surrounding acre, so creativity is being utilized to design more compact developments, concentrating homes into multi-family structures and creating communities with shared spaces.

If you need more square footage for a growing family, staying put by increasing the footprint or adding a second story is viewed as more green than starting fresh on a new plot of ground.  In either case, careful consideration to the air conditioning installations and plumbing installations used can have a significant impact on the environment.  Some green bathroom plumbing ideas include low flow toilets and shower heads to use around 20% less water than normal bathroom installations.

Changing Habits and Habitats

From accouterments to the house design itself, each decision to change an appliance or upgrade the finishes has greener impacts, no matter the choice of color.  Something so simple as converting light bulbs from incandescent to longer-lasting and more efficient compact fluorescents (the twisty tube ones) is becoming required in many communities and saves serious dollars in utility costs.

Hot water heaters can be combined with the boiler to share the energy.  More energy efficient glass can bring in more solar heat and light and hold it there longer.  Bamboo flooring only takes five years to grow, but can last 60, allowing our supply of trees to replenish.

The Color of Excitement

Although we are often reluctant to change our comfortable ways, going green is creating a new energy of cooperation.  To be able to slow the advance of climate change that many now admit seems inevitable, it will take a world wide effort.  Noticing the positive effect of changes in the home by choosing natural fabrics over synthetics for sheets and carpets inspires us to share the attitude with others.

Transforming the colors on our walls with odorless zero VOC  paints makes the chore fun to do yourself (instead of smelly and causing a headache), satisfying a need to feel accomplished and useful.  Composting left-over food to nourish our vegetable garden contributes to the effort of awareness far more emphatically than just flushing waste out of mind down the garbage disposal.