AC Repair | Inside Unit Won't Turn On

AC Repair | Inside Unit Won’t Turn On

AC Repair | If you have a traditional central air conditioning system then you have what is also known as a “split” system. This means that you have an inside unit and a separate outdoor unit. A common call for St Augustine air conditioning repair that we get is when our customers’ indoor unit won’t turn on but the outdoor unit will. It can also happen in reverse: where the indoor unit kicks on but then the outdoor unit won’t turn on. Give us a call here at Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning if this is happening with you. Here is a quick explanation of what might be causing this to happen.

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With central air conditioning systems you have an indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condensing unit. These units work together to remove heat from your home and exhaust it into the outdoor air. If one of these units doesn’t turn on, you should call for St Augustine air conditioning repair. Here are a couple reasons why this might be happening.

  • The motors – Your air conditioning system uses three main motors: the indoor fan, the outdoor fan and the compressor’s fan. These three motors are what make much of the noise when your air conditioner turns on. If you only hear that one of the motors is turning on it could be that something has gone wrong internal parts of the motor.
  • Capacitors – Each of the motors that we mentioned above also has a capacitor. A capacitor is about the size and shape of a can of soda pop and it stores electrical energy. When the system turns on, the capacitor will give their motors a boost of energy that allows them to start. If the capacitors aren’t working well then the motors won’t be able to start. You may hear a low electrical buzz when this happens as the motors try to turn on by themselves without the aid of the capacitor.



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