AC Repair | Signs Of Compressor Damage

AC Repair | Signs Of Compressor Damage

AC Repair | Signs Of Compressor Damage

AC Repair | Replacing a burnt-out compressor in an air conditioner is usually so expensive that it is more economical to replace the whole cooling system should this occur. If you think something may be wrong with the compressor in your AC, you need to call for repairs quickly before a total compressor failure becomes likely.

Possible signs of compressor damage

Because the compressor is responsible for making heat exchange possible, any loss of cooling power from an air conditioner could indicate that the compressor is suffering from problems, such as leaking refrigerant or trouble in its motor. (You should never ignore a loss in cooling power from an AC, no matter what you think may be wrong with it.)

“Hard starting” is one of the biggest warnings of a compressor going bad. “Hard starting” means that the outdoor condenser unit of an AC stutters and shakes each time the compressor attempts to come on. There are a number of reasons that this might happen, but it is always bad news for the compressor, since it shows that the component is undergoing increased stress. In general, any strange mechanical noises emanating from the condenser cabinet are a bad omen and should receive professional work right away.

Compressors draw a large amount of electrical power to operate—more than any other component in an AC—so when one starts to malfunction, it can put such a strain on the electrical system that it trips a circuit breaker. If your AC causes a tripped breaker each time the compressor comes on, then you need to call for repair technicians immediately.


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