Air Quality | Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips & FAQ’s

Air Quality | Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips & FAQ’s

air qualityAir Quality | Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips & FAQ’s

Air Quality | What’s is a SEER Rating?
SEER Stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the SEER = lower cost of operation.

Do I need to change my filters every month?
You need to inspect/replace you filters monthly. A clogged air filter can drastically decrease system air flow and efficiency, decreasing the life of your air conditioning system.

Is regular maintenance worth it?
Most air conditioning manufactures highly recommend regular maintenance of your air conditioning system. If the maintenance is done correctly you should see a prolong system life and increase efficiency. Make sure you have this maintenance done by a professional that does a thorough cleaning. During this cleaning and inspection potential problems can be revealed that can lead to major, more expensive repairs if unattended. Take a look at our Kielty Cares Plan which includes this service.

Does obstructions around my outdoor air conditioner hurt my system?
What some people don’t realize is that your outdoor air conditioning unit, also known as a condenser, should be totally free of obstructions. If you cover your condenser the hot air your outdoor unit is pulling out of you system can be trapped and the condenser will not operate at optimum efficiency.

Can I wait to fix a Freon leak?
It is not recommended to wait on fixing a Freon leak. If your air conditioning system has a Freon leak it can: reduce efficiency, freeze evaporator coil, and overheat compressor. It is highly recommended to find and fix a leak as soon as possible to save yourself from costly repair and highly electric bills.

Are programmable thermostats worth the Investment?
Absolutely. Setting a schedule on a programmable thermostat can save you a significant amount of money on your air conditioning electric bill. Another benefit is that your air conditioning system isn’t work as hard when you’re not home, increasing the life of your system.

Check your air conditioning system a couple weeks before you are going to need it to cool in the spring. You won’t be happy to find out when you turn your air conditioner on for the first time and it doesn’t work. This way you can get your air conditioner fixed before you actually need it.

Check and clean clothes your dryer vent and stove hood every couple months.

A condensate drain should be cleaned at least twice a year. Over time sludge forms inside this line and could cause a clog. A well maintained line should only need to be flushed with warm water.



For more information and tips contact your trusted AC service company – Air Quality Control at 727-469-3832