AC Service | Is My System Too Old?

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AC Service | Is My System Too Old?

AC Service |  Air conditioners are designed to last for many years. However, if your air conditioner is too old, you may not receive the cooling power you need, or you may spend hundreds of dollars a year on repairs and unnecessary cooling costs. But how old does an air conditioner have to be before replacement is the most cost-efficient option?

This number is tough to calculate precisely. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing whether to replace an older air conditioner. While many manufacturers can give you a timespan that indicates the average life of a system, this number really depends on many other things, such as environmental factors and whether the AC receives regular visits from a maintenance technician. To help decide whether to replace your system, ask yourself the following questions.

Have You Made a Lot of Repairs Recently?

If your repair bills have become unreasonable throughout the year, it’s time to replace. Of course, a few minor repair needs shouldn’t cause you to rush into purchasing a new system. However, if frequent problems lead you to repair or replace multiple parts throughout the year, replacing the entire system is usually less costly.

Are Your Bills Unusually High?

Proper maintenance can keep your air conditioning system running efficiently for many years. However, even if you change your filters every month and schedule maintenance once or twice a year, the parts of your air conditioner will eventually wear out to the point that it simply cannot cool efficiently. If you have unusually high bills but you have made no major changes in how often you use your system, replacement may be the best choice.

Have You Considered Upgrading to a More Efficient System?

Even if your bills have remained relatively stable throughout the years, a new air conditioner may still save you more money than an older system. You may be able to purchase a new air conditioner with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the rating system that helps you determine whether a new system is energy efficient. A higher SEER may help you save a lot of money every year, offsetting the cost of a new system.

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