AC Repair: Questions You Need To Ask

AC Repair: Questions You Need To Ask

AC Repair

AC Repair | 3 Questions for the Best Service

AC Repair | Thousands of homeowners across the country will be faced with making the quick decision of ac repair or replace  this summer. With high temperatures, you can’t always risk being without cooling for very long — when you must replace your air conditioner in the middle of cooling season, you won’t have as much time to research and evaluate your options as you would when replacing in the off-season, where cooling isn’t critical. Just because a breakdown forces you to purchase a replacement quickly doesn’t mean you have to do so uninformed. There are other options you could take.

Which type of system is best for me?

A good contractor will evaluate your home and discuss with you the functionality you want in order to provide you with sound advice regarding which type of system is best for your home. For example, in homes with failing or nonexistent ductwork, a multi-unit ductless mini-split system may be the right choice for you and your family. Your contractor can answer any questions you have about using a mini-split, central AC, or heat pump in your home.

What size do I need? Are there different sized units that could be more energy efficient for my home? Size does matter when it comes to your air conditioner — undersized and oversized units will consume excessive energy while causing comfort issues in the home. In order to determine the correct size unit and configuration for your home, your contractor should perform a Manual J cooling load calculation.

If you have nay further questions about ac repair or what system could be best for your home, contact the professionals at Air Quality Control. We are a full service and licensed carrier and service for HVAC.