AC Service: 3 Sounds Your Unit Should Not Make

AC Service

Our air conditioners here in Tampa endure an incredible amount of wear and tear throughout the year, and while it’s no longer the hottest time of the year, it’s still hot. After our long summer season, you may begin to notice that your central air unit, ductless cooling system, heat pump, or light commercial unit has started to make an unusual sound and may be in need of ac service. It could be a relatively subtle noise that gets progressively louder, or it might immediately strike you that you’ve got to get on the phone and give us a call. Here are 3 sounds to keep an ear out for and if you hear them, give us a call and schedule an an service appointment:

  1. Grinding. The vast majority of mechanical parts require lubrication of some type or another. Compressors and other motors within the device are subject to damage without adequate lubrication to reduce friction and overheating. If you hear a grinding noise within your indoor or outdoor unit, then shut it down and give us a shout. That’s not normal, and the damage will likely worsen and ac service may turn into a costly ac repair.
  2. Banging. If you own a central AC unit, like so many of us do, then you expect a certain amount of noise. But what you don’t want to hear is the sound of metal banging around inside your outdoor or indoor unit. This may indicate a loose part or a broken fan blade. If it’s in the house, it could indicate loose or damaged ductwork.
  3. Humming. This is a peculiar sound, and it may not be so easily detectable while your AC is running. But it often indicates an electrical issue, such as a short or the failure of one of the AC’s electrical components. In either case, it’s a potentially dangerous issue that should be addressed sooner than later.