AC Maintenance For All 4 Seasons

AC Maintenance For All 4 Seasons

AC Maintenance

Like other man made items, our treasured HVAC systems will finally start falling apart. The other issue is that repairing these appliances requires specific equipment and skills and many home owners lack. Scheduling ac maintenance throughout the year will prevent many issues from happening to your unit.

Well, the catch is to know when exactly you should repair your HVAC appliances. If you seek the service too late, you may end up paying too much. With this seasonal guide, you will learn when exactly to consult the repairmen so they can ensure your system is operating optimally the whole year round.



This is the right time to let a specialist attend to your HVAC system for some preventive ac maintenance. If you wait until summer, it may take you eons to have a specialist attend to you. This is because the repair experts will be attending to many other people. Besides, repairing a broken unit is way costly than carrying out a HVAC maintenance check.



If you didn’t do any ac maintenance in spring, this is when most HVAC appliances break down. Fortunately, you can fix most of these issues on your own. Getting an expert to fix your system may take a while so a DIY approach is recommended.

Does your AC run but below the required standard? You should check its thermostat, remove any debris and replace the filters. If your AC freezes up, you simply need to turn it off for some time and it will resume its normal functionality.



As summer draws to a close, it is time to let a HVAC specialist inspect your heating system including the furnace. You need to act fast and not wait for last minute rush. Get to DIY stores for some furnace filters as well.



Even after taking certain preventive measures, problems are still inevitable in winter. Fortunately, you can fix most of the emerging issues on your own. Some of the things you need to check on include the proper functioning of the thermostat and pilot light.


Save energy and money scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance

Like all home owners, you wouldn’t like your HVAC maintenance to cost you an arm and a leg. To avoid such situations, you can follow certain tips.

1. Schedule for regular maintenance

Get a reliable specialist and have a schedule for them to maintain your HVAC systems frequently. This way, it will be easy to prevent some costly repairs.

2. Program, the thermostat

A great way to save your energy would be to program your thermostat. While away during daytime, keep it low. When the night sets in, you can turn down its degrees farther.

3. Keep the vents clear

You should inspect the system to ensure that the registers and vents are not blocked. Besides, keep the furniture, plants and drapes away from them which will enhance the free flow of air.


Schedule preventative maintenance with an HVAC Contractor

A licensed heating and air conditioning expert has what it takes to service your HVAC system. While taking a DIY approach may seem attractive in terms of saving the cost, there are certain things you may not be able to work on alone. These are essential preventive tips that will save you in the long run. When you invite a HVAC contractor to your home, they will inspect the following:

  • Inspecting the indoor evaporator coil to ensure it’s clean. Should they find the coil dirty, they’ll clean that up for you.
  • They will inspect all electrical connections to ensure they work properly.
  • They will check out the air handler or indoor furnace to ensure it is tidy and functions accordingly.
  • They will inspect the compressor and outdoor fan door to ensure it operates as needed.
  • They’ll check out the unit’s refrigerant levels and should they find them low, they may find out about the potential leaks.

If the specialist spots a problematic unit, they’ll troubleshoot the issue before the upcoming cooling season. They will save you from making emergency calls in winter.