Air Quality: Simple Ways To Improve Your Standard Of Living

Air Quality: Simple Ways To Improve Your Standard Of Living

Air Quality

This blog’s topic, Improve Your Air Quality in 5 Easy Steps, will help your commercial building create a more refreshing and healthy indoor environment.

We believe that air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency are highly important and should not be overlooked when constructing or choosing a commercial building to occupy. After all, no one wants to be sitting in a stuffy and suffocating office building for eight hours a day! Since your occupants will be spending a great deal of time in this building (many Americans actually spend up to 90% of their time indoors!), why not make it a fresh and energizing space? Let’s go over the 5 easy steps we believe will help improve your ‘Aire’ quality in a commercial building…

1. Begin at Ground Zero – If you are not moving into a commercial space, but constructing from scratch, it is important to find a mechanical contractor that will provide exceptional airflow. Choose a contractor that will pay attention to details, while providing high-quality HVAC systems. Ultimately, your mechanical contractor is laying down the groundwork – so it’s very important to choose wisely! If you are moving into an already existing commercial building, make sure to assess the building’s current condition. You can do this by reviewing its HVAC design and operation, such as identifying potential pollutant sources.

2. Go Geothermal – If you are starting at ground zero, we highly recommend you go green using geothermal energy. Geothermal energy offers many benefits, but a big one is providing a healthier and safer indoor environment for occupants. Geothermal energy also adds an incredible amount of value to a building, and can help your building achieve LEED status as well.

3. Take Action Against Pollutant Sources – When you are up and running in your new and improved commercial building, one of the easiest steps you can take to maintain great air quality is removing pollutant sources. It can be as simple as banning smoking or using pest control services. Simply keeping up with housekeeping efforts will go a long way, if management is aware and proactive. Just a little more effort can ensure an even greater reward!

4. Purchase Responsibly – Every commercial building or office space needs certain supplies to run effectively. However, if you take the time to consider your HVAC needs when making a purchase, you’re taking another step to improve the building’s future air quality. It’s important when buying anything – from cleaning products, to office furnishings, to electronics – to ask about what emissions they could produce. Will they have underlying respiratory hazards? Be an informed customer!

5. Test for Assurance – Good indoor air quality is not just a given, it has to be maintained. If you can, take the time and effort to schedule indoor air quality audits to help monitor contaminant levels. These audits could even help your building achieve LEED credits! However, whether you have an audit performed or not, remember, air quality is an investment that needs attention and frequent surveillance.

Take these 5 easy steps into consideration when you are building or choosing a commercial building. Air quality is not something to put aside, especially when we spend the majority of our time indoors. Your occupants will be thankful they are working in a healthy, safe, and environmentally sound workspace!