Air Quality is Cleaner with UV Light

Air Quality is Cleaner with UV Light

Air Quality

Hospitals and government buildings within the United States have a secret weapon, keeping their air quality clean. Many of them use UV lights within their heating and cooling system, which eliminates almost all the harmful pathogens. This same technology is available for your home, so that you can enjoy the same clean and safe air quality to breathe.

Cleaner Air

Having a clean air quality within our homes can make a big impact on our health and wellness. The air within a house can contain numerous pathogens including mold, various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This is a major source of illness for Americans, and improves with treatment from a UV light. UV light kills, or neutralizes many pathogens that affect people. Installing a UV light within a heating and cooling system allows you to effectively treat your home’s air quality. The light kills the pathogen as they flow over the light, cleaning your home’s air every time your system runs. They also eliminate VOC’s, as well as any odors within your home.

Ease of Installation

Adding a UV light system to your home is easier than it sounds. UV Light kits come in an easy to install module that plugs into a standard wall outlet. Homeowners with even limited how-to knowledge can install the light, if not any professional HVAC technician can. Its design does not inhibit the efficiency of your unit in any way.