AC Repair: Whats that sound coming from my air conditioner?

AC Repair: Whats that sound coming from my air conditioner?

AC Repair

The short answer to this question is that the noise means your furnace needs to have an HVAC technicians take a look at it to check if it has ac repair problems. Any unusual sound coming from a furnace, whether a gas or electric model, could indicate a malfunction, and you should never hesitate to call on professionals to make sure that any faults are fixed immediately. You don’t want your furnace to risk a full breakdown or even start to run unsafely. The sooner you have a tech come out and do the ac repair the better.

Here are some of the more common types of furnace sounds and what they might mean, all are reasons to have ac repair:

  • Clicking: This could indicate an electrical issue. Even gas furnaces can have electrical problems because the majority of them use an electronic ignitions system. If you hear a clicking sound soon after the fan shuts off, then the noise might mean a cracked heat exchanger in a gas furnace, which is a serious issue that requires attention right away.
  • Clanging: A hard clanging sound of metal against metal is often trouble with the blower fan, such as bent blades. Shut off the furnace right away so the fan doesn’t take any further damage and then call for repairs.
  • Grinding: This sound probably comes from a motor that is wearing down because of stress on its parts from dirt or a loss of lubrication. If left without repair, this problem will eventually turn into a burnt-out motor.
  • Screeching: This means that the bearings on the motors are running down. Call for repairs as soon as possible before the motor suffers more damage. If technicians catch the problem soon enough, they will only need to replace the bearings, not the entire motor.

Remember: do not attempt to make any ac repair on your own! Furnaces are potentially hazardous if exposed to amateur tampering. Leave the work to licensed professionals.

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