Receive the AC Service You Pay For

Receive the AC Service You Pay For

AC Service

Hiring the right AC service contractor can mean a whole lot of things when installing an HVAC unit. The right contractor can  install a fully-functional and efficient unit that will possibly serve you for a lifetime. Additionally, such an AC service contractor will help you maintain your HVAC properly so that it can function properly and allow you to operate it safely. So, what should you look at when choosing a contractor?

Check the License

Before you sign any contract, find out whether the AC service contractor is licensed and insured in your state. Licensing is mandatory for HVAC contractors in many states. Why is licensing important? Fundamentally speaking, licensing is sufficient proof  that the contractor is  competent and certified to operate the AC service.When you hire a licensed contractor, you can have confidence that your HVAC unit will be installed and configured by true professionals.

Is the Contractor Insured?

In many states,  licensed contractors are required to provide workers compensation insurance coverage. Ask the contractor whether or not the company is insured against personal liability or property damage. Request for a copy of the certificate of insurance to ascertain that the contractor is properly insured against damage and liability. Without insurance cover, you could be liable or left to cover any costs arising from injury or accidents which aren’t covered in your homeowner’s policy.

Always Get a Written Contract

When shopping for a contractor, always insist that you get a written contract for the installation or any repairs. Never consent to any agreements or accept estimates given over the phone without a prior evaluation of the job to be done. Good contractors will give you a written proposal outlining the equipment you need and it’s price, work to be done,and the costs of labor.

Get Competitive Bids

Avoid contractors who offer insanely low bids for HVAC installation. Contractors who submit low bids are more likely to do shoddy work and leave you with a poorly installed and configured unit.Make sure that you get proper bids based on the same equipment and corresponding service. Take time to discuss your needs and make sure that you comprehend the variations in pricing.

Get Proper Sizing

When shopping for a HVAC contractor and a unit, it’s advisable that you get proper sizing of your room in square footage. Good contractors will help you find and install a model that offers optimal heating and cooling for your room. Many homeowners have HVAC units that were not properly sized hence they fail to perform optimally. By sizing the room properly, you will be able to buy the right unit and get value for your investment for a years to come