Air Quality in your house can cause allergies

Let’s discuss Indoor Air Quality a bit further…

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Watching flowers bud and realizing that plants begin to sprout when they feel the warmth from the ground and produce gorgeous blooms brings life and the reaffirmation of all things possible to our world!

But…it also brings pollen, ragweed, mold spores and other irritants to life, and ultimately into our homes.

We want to bring in the sunshine, the fresh, clean air and in doing so we bring these pollutants into our houses and expose ourselves and our families to the miseries of allergy season.

Did you know that your lungs actually act as a filter? Yup, they do!
But wouldn’t you prefer that these particulates are caught by something other than your lungs?

And yes, while your lungs are excellent filters they have to work that much harder and sometimes as a result other respiratory issues may develop. Having healthy air quality in your home will help prevent you from getting sick.

An electric air cleaner will help. Electronic air cleaners remove the particulates from grass and tree pollen impurities that circulate throughout your home.

Our best advice is to keep windows closed and run your air conditioning as much as possible to protect against the infiltration of these irritants.

And, be sure to change your disposable filter monthly throughout the year if you aren’t considering an electronic air cleaner.

Allergies are not only present during spring and summer seasons, but mold, dust mites and pet dander is troublesome throughout the fall and winter months as well.

To avoid mold exposure we recommend a UV light installed on your ac unit. This will greatly improve the air quality in your home.