Air Quality: Whole-Home Air Filtration

Air Quality: Whole-Home Air Filtration

Air Quality

Whole-home air filtration systems – the likes of which hospitals and surgical centers use – can help you control the purity of your home’s indoor air quality so that you can enjoy breathing in clean air. The best part? These systems are affordable to purchase and install for homes with forced-air heating.

Almost as an added bonus, this technology is perfect for those homes in which allergy and/or asthma sufferers reside, as polluted air quality is known to exacerbate these conditions – as well as increase the likelihood of household members contracting the flu or common colds.

Whole-home air quality purifiers that are ozone-free – avoid ozone or ionizing air purifiers as these do more harm than good – safely destroys and removes chemical ethers, odors, particles and micro-organisms throughout your entire home rather than in only one room.

Systems that utilize HEPA or activated carbon filters have the ability to purify 99.97 percent of common air pollutants like smoke, gases, odors, dirt, dust, pollen, and other substances that are known to heighten allergies. These systems afford you the opportunity to breathe in cleaner air quality.

For an affordable alternative to whole-home air purifiers, you can opt into purchasing and installing HEPA rated air filters, which simply slide in place. The downside to these is that when compared to purifiers they tend to be slightly less effective; especially in clearing smoke from the home.