Do You Really Need “AC Maintenance”?

Do You Really Need “AC Maintenance”?

AC Maintenance

For many people the word“maintenance”  is a dirty word. You may think of it as an unnecessary expense, something companies do to put extra money in their pocket. You may not even know how it involves your home’s heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system. For that reason, many HVAC contractors and service providers avoid the word “Maintenance” and instead use terms like ‘Comfort Tune-Up’ or ‘Protect Plan’. But you need to realize that your system does need ac maintenance. Why?

Here’s an illustration. We all paid a good sum of money for our family’s car, right? Well, what do we all do to make sure that our car, our investment, is cared for? We get regular oil changes and replace the air filter. We get the fluids topped off and the brakes checked. We get tune-ups. We rotate the tires and change them when needed. Why do we do all that? We want our family to be safe, and we don’t want to break down at a critical moment in our day. Ask yourself: What would happen if I ignored the maintenance on my car?

That’s how you should think of the heating and cooling system in your home. It was a costly investment, or will be if you need to replace it. Just as we don’t ignore doing regular ac maintenance on our car, we can’t ignore our home’s HVAC system. We want our family to be safe, and we don’t want it to break down when guests are over for the holidays on a frigidly cold, or blistering hot day. So what could happen if you ignore the maintenance your home’s HVAC system?

  • Health & Safety risks – We want the tires and brakes on our car to be in great condition. In the same way, your HVAC system needs to be checked to make sure the safety controls are working. Especially if you have a furnace or boiler, you need to make sure it is working as it was designed and that your family is not at risk. Also, regular cleaning prevents build-up of mold and bacteria that can affect the health of your family.
  • Breakdowns – We maintain our car so we don’t find ourselves broken down at the worst possible moment. Likewise, regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system makes sure that everything is working well. Did you know that something as simple as not replacing the air filter can ruin the compressor? That’s the most expensive part of your air-conditioner or heat pump. Small problems can be found and fixed during a tune-up before they turn into major problems that surprise you.
  • Reduced efficiency – We get tune-ups on our car to assure good gas mileage. Similarly, regular maintenance keeps your equipment working like new. Checking and adusting the settings and cleaning makes sure that you get the most out of every penny you spend on your utility bills.

So, do you really need to maintain your home’s heating and cooling system? The answer is “Yes!” Don’t ignore it. And don’t be afraid of it. Get ac maintenance before you need ac repair.