AC Repair: My AC Unit is Frozen… In the Middle of the Summer!

AC Repair: My AC Unit is Frozen… In the Middle of the Summer!

AC Repair

It sounds impossible, right? It’s hot outside, the Florida sun is blazing, your whole family is in shorts…but your AC unit is covered in ice. Believe it or not, it can happen! Not surprisingly, it is abnormal for your AC to freeze in the summer and it’s typically a strong indication that something is wrong with your unit and you need AC repair.

Here are some common reasons as to why your AC unit may be freezing up:

  • Refrigerant Levels. Low or leaking refrigerant can cause the pressure to drop in your evaporating coils, resulting in condensation to form on them. This moisture freezes and collects on your unit.
  • Airflow. If the evaporating coils aren’t receiving sufficient airflow, the temperature in the coils can drop to below freezing. When it’s really hot and humid, the moisture in the air collects on the system’s coils and results in the entire system being caked in ice. Many things can restrict airflow such as dirty coils, dirty air filters, damaged motors or damaged ducts.
  • Outdoor Temperature. The outdoor portion of your AC unit works best in conditions of 60°F or higher. So if the outdoor temperature drops below 60°F, it could be one cause of the freezing.

Sometimes it may be a combination of these problems that causes the ice to build up. No matter the reason though, it’s a sure sign that it needs maintenance. First, turn off your AC and let the unit defrost. Then call your local HVAC professional to assess the system with AC repair.