AC Maintenance Needs to be Consistant

AC Maintenance Needs to be Consistant

AC Maintenance

As with any other appliance or mechanical system in the home, regular AC maintenance system is necessary for maximum efficiency and peak performance.

Over time, furnace and air conditioner filters become clogged with dirt, dust and debris. This buildup decreases the unit’s efficiency, which leads to higher energy costs. Because the equipment is working harder than it should, it can suffer damage that requires expensive repairs or even premature replacement. One task that any homeowner can do is change the air filters every month in the furnace and air conditioner.

Hiring a professional HVAC contractor to perform annual AC maintenance check-ups can ensure the system is in good working condition. It is a good idea to have the heating system inspected during the fall and the cooling system inspected during the spring.

The inspection should include lubricating all moving parts and making sure all electrical connections are tight. Loose connections can make the system unsafe to operation and shorten the lifespan of all major components. The contractor will measure the current and voltage on the motors and check the controls to ensure the system operates properly and turns on and off when it should.

Annual maintenance of the ac system should include cleaning the coils and blower components to improve airflow and make the system run more efficiently. An air conditioning technician should check the refrigerant level and adjust it if there is too little or too much.

The technician will inspect and tighten any loose oil or gas connections on the heating system. Loose connections can increase the risk of fire as they pose a threat to human health. Additional maintenance should include checking the heat exchanger, burner combustion and gas pressure. Any cracks in the heat exchanger or dirt adhering to the burner can cause improper operation and reduce the unit’s efficiency.

Following these tips for HVAC maintenance ensures that your heating and cooling system is working at maximum efficiency, which can save you money on home energy costs.