AC Repair: What to do when the Air Conditioner floods

AC Repair: What to do when the Air Conditioner floods

AC Repair: Air conditioner flooding

First and foremost, safety is the top priority. Your initial thought may be to jump in and start cleaning up, but it’s important to fully grasp the situation. Ensure you turn off the power to your air conditioner.

You’ll need to figure out if your air conditioner can be repaired or if the damage is severe enough that it should be replaced. There are three factors that can help you figure out whether to call forAC repair, or start searching for a new unit.

  • Time underwater – Consider how long your air conditioner was underwater. The greater the amount of time it was affected by floodwaters, the bigger the chance that there is greater damage.
  • Electricity – As mentioned above, turn off power to your air conditioner as soon as you notice it has been affected by floodwaters. Additional damage can be done to your air conditioner the longer there is power flowing in to the system.
  • Dirt/debris in equipment – If your air conditioner filled up with debris from the floodwaters, it could hurt its ability to function.

If AC repair is looking likely, here are some tips to sustain a safe environment, which can be done by an expert.

  1. Turn off all electrical switches. Ensure you turn off all switches (i.e. disconnects and breakers) to your air conditioner.
  2. Allow the equipment to dry. Get rid of any visible or standing water from the area and try to keep the area dry.
  3. Have equipment and wiring inspected. Do not turn on flooded equipment until you have it inspected and serviced by a qualified, NATE-certified technician.
  4. Don’t rush it. If flood waters came in contact with the air conditioner, professionals can confirm whether the air conditioner is functioning correctly or not. For your safety, allow time for the system to be properly tuned or replaced.
  5. Change air and furnace filters. Replace your home’s air filters to prevent contaminants from piling up. This can also help to reduce the risk of impacting your air conditioner’s operation and the indoor air quality.

AC repair- You may feel like you can handle the cleaning, but professionals have the expertise to properly clean your equipment and ensure it’s running at its best.