How HVAC Contractors Can Save You Money

How HVAC Contractors Can Save You Money

How HVAC Contractors Can Save You Money

While no homeowner loves calling for service on any system in their home, your HVAC contractor like Air Quality Control, may actually be able to help you save money over the life of your home’s air conditioning system. If you’re ready to start reaping the long-term savings that can come with professional care and maintenance, be sure to review these three ways you can work with your HVAC contractor to find savings.

Peak Season Savings

As you’ve likely already noticed, running your air conditioning during the spring and summer months in particularly warm years can take quite a bite out of your energy budget. But it doesn’t have to. Keeping your HVAC equipment properly maintained can actually lower your monthly energy bills during the summer by as much as 25%.

Since HVAC contractors are in high demand during the summer, the best time to contact them for an annual tune-up is in the spring before you start regularly using your air conditioning. Not only will your unit run closer to optimal efficiency after their visit, but it will also be more reliable during the peak season for its usage. The better your system runs, the less likely you’ll need costly emergency repairs during the heat of summer.

Major Repair Savings

While most of the repairs your air conditioning will require must be handled right away to get your system cooling again, there are always exceptions. If your spring maintenance call uncovered a major system repair that isn’t an immediate problem, HVAC contractors can often advise you on the best time of year to make these repairs. Remember, things slow down in the HVAC world quite a bit once the mercury drops out of the triple digits, so putting off non-critical repairs until the fall could be your best bet for significant savings.

AC Replacement Savings

As your HVAC system ages, you’ll likely notice that it no longer cools quite as quickly and efficiently as it used to – even after its annual tune-up. In fact, there may come a time when it’s simply more expensive to continue running a unit as is than it is to replace all or part of the system. Luckily, your HVAC contractor can help you make that determination, as well as providing advice on which types of equipment changes will provide the most return on your investment.

Another area where your HVAC contractor will be invaluable is determining the exact location of an issue. In many cases, a leaking duct can make your air conditioner run harder than it needs to. Patching or replacing the ductwork can often restore your AC to normal.


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