When Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System?

Whenever you start experiencing problems with your HVAC system, you should instantly be aware of the fact that yHVAC systems, home maintenance, cost efficient, HVAC maintenance, air conditioningour system either needs to be repaired or you need to think about replacing your HVAC system entirely.

In order to decide you always have to take your financial stature into consideration, deciding on whether you want to keep spending money on the upkeep of the HVAC system you currently own, or investing in replacing your HVAC system for one that is brand new. Newer systems mean higher efficiency, but we recommend that you should only save replacement as a last resort, after your current system has given up on you several times in a short period.

Here are some factors that signify the time has come for you to replace your HVAC system: 

  • Your thermostat is not programmable and you do not remain at home for long periods: You need to get a programmable thermostat installed by an HVAC service company so that you can save money and energy even when you are not present to take care of the thermostat.
  • You have a humid house: if you have equipment that is operating poorly or you do not have sufficient equipment you can experience humidity in the hot summer months inside your house. If you also have leaky ducts then you will also experience overbearing dryness indoors during winter and high levels of humidity indoors during summer.
  • You have a large amount of dust in your home: Leaky ducts are the cause of excessive dust. This is because ducts that leak have a tendency of pulling particles and air from confined spaces like attics, basements, and crawl spaces and distribute it to the rest of the house. You can try sealing your ducts as an alternative solution to replacing the HVAC system.
  • Your cooling/heating system is too loud: this can occur when you have a duct system that is undersized or there are some issues with the indoor coil of your cooling equipment.

    Living in a tropical climate takes a toll on air conditioningA/C Repair, air condition, HVAC, A/C tips units, as well as heaters. Without proper maintenance of your home’s HVAC equipment, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable, or even unhealthy situation. Here at Air Quality Control we believe that you and your family deserve a home that is truly a pleasure to live in. Call us at (727) 469- 3832 to schedule your next air conditioning and heating equipment service appointment now.