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AC TUNE UP | When is it safe to conduct a Performance Tune‑Up?

Contrary to most people’s belief systems…ANYTIME!

Modern air conditioning systems can have annual maintenance performed on them at any time.

When the weather is cool or even cold, there are a couple of precautions that need to be addressed.

# 1.            The power to the condensing unit should be “ON”.

That will insure that the compressor crankcase heater is energized and the compressor oil is warm enough to operate the system.

It also insures that there is no liquid refrigerant in the compressor itself.

If the power has been on for at least 12 hours prior to arrival, the system can be operated safely.

Most homeowners do not turn the power off to the outdoor unit, but, if the power is off, it should be turned on for a minimum of 30 minutes per pound of refrigerant prior to operating the air conditioner.

# 2.            If the system needs to be charged with refrigerant, the cold weather charging method

(Superheat) must be used.

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