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air conditioning systemsAC Services | All of our installation and service professionals are company employees. We do not use sub contractors to install equipment in your home. In this way we can control the quality of the installation as well as the quality of our personnel. We maintain the highest level of excellence by employing certified journeymen who progress in knowledge through our continuing education programs.

We pride ourselves in providing quality service by quality people.


In fact, it would require several portable room purifiers in a typical home to even come close to the performance of an Infinity Air Purifier System from Carrier. And in homes with central air heating and cooling systems, single-room portable air cleaners are far less effective unless adjacent room are also filtered, because airborne contaminants enter a room faster than a portable cleaner can remove them.

Factor in energy costs, replacement filter costs, and the hassle of frequently cleaning multiple units, and room purifiers become more of a problem than a solution!

The Infinity Air Purifier from Carrier is different because one central unit cleans the air in your entire home. Not only is the Purifier’s patented filtering system more thorough and efficient, it’s also far easier to maintain than a single room unit. In other words, when you compare the two systems, there’s really no comparison at all.

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