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AC Services | Spring has officially arrived here in St. Petersburg, and the temperatures are just going to keep going up as we get deeper into spring and closer to summer. While you may not have turned on your AC unit yet this spring, you probably will feel the need to soon—and we want you to have your air conditioning unit in top shape when you do.

The Issues You Could Face
When your air conditioning is off for the winter, it can start to have issues that won’t be noticed until you begin to use it again full-time. Tiny leaks over the winter can cause low refrigerant levels, debris or weeds can clog moving parts or limit ventilation, and filters and coils may have gotten dirty. There’s also the possibility that the moving parts of your AC unit are worn down with use.

Avoid Emergency Repair
By going ahead and scheduling your spring AC unit inspection, maintenance and repair now, you can avoid the unpleasantness of having to deal with emergency repairs. Typically, your unit will malfunction when you need it most, and you will have to sit in the heat until your technician is able to fix the issue.

Depending on the company you use, emergency repairs can also be very expensive. We want you to save that money and avoid the discomfort by going ahead and scheduling your spring air conditioner maintenance.

Catching Issues Early
If your unit is having issues, your spring repairs will be able to catch those issues early and solve them. If your unit goes unchecked, it is possible that these problems can worsen over time to the point where major repairs or even replacing your entire HVAC unit will be necessary.

Remember, it’s much less of a hassle to have us out to inspect and repair your unit before something major goes wrong rather than after.

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