AC Services | Mistakes

AC Services | Mistakes

Air Conditioning Mistakes You Can Make

AC Services | Florida is not a place to take your home’s cooling needs lightly.

Although autumn is officially here, the daytime temperatures are still warm, and for most people that means the AC is still running.

The heat really never stays away for very long, so take advantage of the cooler temperatures, and get some work done on your cooling system services before it is too late.

Air McCall believes in keeping residents knowledgeable and prepared. Ultimately knowing your home’s cooling system and how to take care of it will save you money. By being educated on your home systems you can lengthen the life of all of your cooling and heating systems.

Stay one step ahead by being proactive in your routine maintenance efforts, as well as understanding how to run your system the most efficiently. Cooling system abuse is rampant, and greatly diminishes the performance and longevity of these devices.

Treating Your AC Unit Well

You know your AC system is too big when it intermittently turns on and off. This goes for central air and portable window units, and is the number one cause of unnecessarily high cooling bills. In this case, bigger is not necessarily better, as it actually may be a major hindrance on your seasonal utility costs, not to mention the efficiency of your home. What’s worse, AC systems that are too large can short cycle so much that they do not remove the humidity from your home and that results in you and your family felling very uncomfortable. And when humidity is not removed effectively, the risk of mold is much higher. Ask your HVAC contractor what size AC system is best for your home.

Semi-annual maintenance is a must for every air conditioner. This maintenance consists of an air filter replacement (usually performed every month), and a thorough cleaning of the outdoor unit.

Keep grass and lawn debris away clear from the fans, as this can significantly affect the device’s performance.

On very hot days, your first response may be to dial down the thermostat to a very low temperature. This only works successfully with variable- or two-speed systems, so there is no need to shock your air conditioner. It will just end up costing you more.

Zone cooling is also a prevalent mistake. Closing off too many rooms in your house as a means of lowering the temperature in designated areas can in fact the system become over-pressurized.

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