Tankless Water Heater | No Place Like Home

Tankless Water Heater | No Place Like Home

Tankless Water Heater |

Life changes at 65, for most this is retirement age. Generally life’s pace slows and more time is often spent with family and close friends. And for a staggering 90% (according to the AARP), the 65+ population wants to stay in their home.

For many, owning a home isn’t just an address or a place to rest one’s head. It’s a space filled with memories—from holiday celebrations to dinner table conversations—and all of the priceless get togethers in between. To help keep seniors in their home as long as possible, design experts and the NAHB recommend the following improvements.

It is crucial that kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and work areas have proper illumination with lights that provide a soft glow without a lot of reflection. Homeowners should be sure to light heavily used spaces; a good example is to place a lamp next to a favorite chair. Another tip—recessed and glare-free task lighting are great updates in kitchen areas.

Color and Borders
Contrast is key when choosing countertops and other hard surfaces. Dark colors help to differentiate edges on cabinets and painted borders offset height variances within rooms. By paying attention to these details, it will help prevent accidents like a dangerous fall.

Go Tankless
The addition of a tankless water heater is not only convenient, it lowers energy bills (for some homeowners, up to 40%). Tankless water heaters also provide more livable space in a home since they take up far less room than a traditional water heater.

Providing non-slip surfaces throughout the home creates a safe environment. Adding texture to surfaces or non-slip tape to steps is an excellent precaution. Pay particular attention to entrance areas of the home.

While everyone’s needs vary, safety and overall mobility should be top priorities for seniors. By being mindful of life’s changing stages, you can look forward to spending your golden years in your home.

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